Story Examples

The controversial police-involved shootings of Michael Brown and Philando Castile prompted protests and rallies across the country, sparking new conversations about race relations and bias in America. These stories are examples of how stations devoted time and resources to telling stories in ways that provided context and meaning when emotions ran high.

KARE - Philando Castile Rally

KARE - Philando Castile Social Media Impact

KSDK - Michael Brown Memorial

WFAA-TV's David Schechter's reporting method of using two folding chairs and a sign that reads "INTERVIEWS: THIS WAY" is a stripped-down storytelling technique that lets the words of an interview stand out. Where man-on-the-street interviews may feel rushed and incomplete, "Two Chairs" is a deliberately raw conversation where all sides of sensitive topics can be discussed with context and humanity.

WFAA - Two Chairs (Racism)

WFAA’s “Verify Road Trip” series takes viewers on the road to get answers to their own questions. This is an innovative reporting method created by WFAA’s David Schechter to show consumers our newsgathering process in a transparent, trustworthy, and relatable way, which is particularly important when reporting on sensitive issues, as evidenced by this story on the Black Lives Matter movement. Transparency meets fact-checking. Each story ends with David’s reminder, “Don’t take my word for it. Take (the viewer’s.)"

WFAA - Black Lives Matter Roadtrip

These stories are examples of what it means to reflect and highlight the diversity of your community – in a positive way – daily.

WFAA - Help for the Hearing Impaired

WUSA - Hateful Graffiti Erased by Kindness

WUSA - Teen Gets Into Four Military Academies

WUSA - Wig for Cancer Patients

WFAA - Hugs Not Walls

Corporate Guidance

Cox Media Group - Safety recommendations for news crews and how to cover high-intensity and tense situations.

Hearst Media News - Social Media

Fox 5 Films: "Yellow Tape"

Fox 5: "Human Race: Being Biracial"

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