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Awareness in Reporting represents a distillation of ideas from broadcast journalists, station managers, news industry leaders and journalism educators among others for meeting the growing challenges of covering stories that involve sensitive topics. These stories can be among the most complicated for stations to cover since journalism can sometimes influence as well as reflect situations and circumstances in a community. The first of these topics to be addressed are race and ethnicity. Others will follow.

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Guidelines for Radio and Television

Reporting on Race

The Reporting on Race Toolkit is divided into six sections, including guidelines for field reporters, photojournalists, news management/leadership and corporate divisions. Areas encompassed in the suggestions range from story development to maintaining safety during tense or volatile situations.

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Reporting on Religion

The Reporting on Religion Toolkit is intended to provide journalists and newsrooms with easy access to detailed information that can support accurate, informed coverage of religion and religious communities. It can serve as a resource during breaking news coverage or a point of reference when planning for an upcoming event.

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